Women's Rights

The women’s rights movement is one that has spanned generations, and in a post-Roe America, keeping up the fight has become even more essential than ever. Congresswoman Trahan will always fight for a woman’s right to choose. As the mother of two young daughters, Congresswoman Trahan has worked tirelessly to ensure that future generations of women see their freedoms and opportunities expanded.

Protecting Abortion Access & Women’s Healthcare

The consequences of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe are devastating. Millions of women have lost access to safe, legal abortion care because of anti-abortion state laws taking effect. Congresswoman Trahan believes in women’s ability to decide what is best for themselves and believes all women should have full access to reproductive health care. 

When SCOTUS announced its decision in June 2022, Congresswoman Trahan acted immediately to protect women. She supported the Women’s Health Protection Act and the Ensuring Access to Abortion Act, both of which passed the House in July of 2022. These pieces of legislation prohibit government interference with abortion services and ensure women will not be penalized for seeking services in another state. 

Acting in advance of any further limiting of reproductive freedoms, Congresswoman Trahan also voted in support of the Right to Contraception Act. This legislation passed the House in July of 2022 and seeks to penalize anyone infringing upon the right to birth control and other forms of contraception. 

Women’s Equality in the Workplace 

Generations of women have fought for their rights in the workplace. Finally closing the wage gap that has been present for all of our history is critical. Congresswoman Trahan was a proud cosponsor and supporter of the Paycheck Fairness Act that passed the House in April 2021. The legislation aims to eliminate wage discrimination and force transparency about salary disparities. 

Congresswoman Trahan also stands against all forms of discrimination in the workforce, which is why she voted in favor of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. This Act passed the House in May 2021 and puts forth explicit, unwavering rights for pregnant workers.  

Preventing Domestic Violence

Two-thirds of women killed by an intimate partner are killed with a gun. By cosponsoring the No Guns for Abusers Act, Congresswoman Trahan aims to remove guns from those who are convicted of domestic violence or subject to a domestic violence protective order.

Those who are victims of domestic violence often need advocates and programs to successfully escape a dangerous situation. Congresswoman Trahan voted in favor of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act to prevent and respond to domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking.

Holding Big Tech Accountable post-Roe

With the reversal of Roe, Republican-controlled states have begun seeking to penalize women who seek an abortion. Congresswoman Trahan knows it is essential to protect these women and ensure no one faces prosecution for their right to access care. Congresswomen Trahan has called on leading messaging and telecommunications companies to be transparent about how their metadata collection could jeopardize women’s ability to seek abortions or be used as evidence to later persecute these women.

It is critical that anyone seeking abortion information is able to find content that will not lead to harm and is factual. Congresswoman Trahan joined 40 of her colleagues to press big tech companies to combat the proliferation of misinformation on their platforms post-Roe. She believes these platforms, visited by millions of Americans each day, are responsible for the accuracy of the information they allow. 

Women in Sports

Having access to athletic opportunities and higher education are rights women have fought for and cherish. Congresswoman Trahan was a collegiate athlete who earned her scholarship to play Division 1 volleyball at Georgetown University. Coming from a working-class family, this volleyball scholarship changed her trajectory and made college a reality. 

Unfortunately in the 50 years since its passage, Title IX, which was passed to ensure women have equal access to athletics, has been laxly enforced. On the 50th anniversary of Title IX becoming law, Congresswoman Trahan introduced the Fair Play for Women Act of 2022. This legislation aims to enforce the rules that have long been overlooked and expand Title IX jurisdiction so that the NCAA and its member organizations play by the rules.