Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Congresswoman Trahan was a proud supporter of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan, which provides billions in funding for infrastructure improvements in MA-3 and nationwide. 

  • Roads and Bridges

The BIL provides Massachusetts with $4.2 billion for road improvements and another $1.1 billion for bridges over the next five years. Currently, 472 bridges and 1,200 miles of highway in MA are in need of repair, making this funding long overdue. 

  • Clean Drinking Water

Massachusetts received $1.1 billion to improve water infrastructure. The BIL also includes $1.4 billion to be divided by the states to address sewage overflows and PFAS contaminations, both of which Congresswoman Trahan was an advocate for. 

  • Climate Action and Resiliency 

Massachusetts received $63 million to expand electric vehicle charging, $3.5 billion to weatherize homes and buildings, and $5.8 for wildfire protection. 

  • Public Transportation Improvements

$2.5 billion goes directly towards improving public transportation in Massachusetts. These funds can be used to upgrade, repair, or replace bus and rail fleets, a necessity in a state where 1 in every 5 transit vehicles is past its useful lifetime. 

  • High-Speed Internet Connectivity

137,000 Bay Staters who lack broadband coverage are receiving coverage due to $100 million in BIL funding. Additionally, the new Affordable Connectivity Benefit will apply to 1 in 5 individuals in the Commonwealth and will save families money on their internet connection.


Health Infrastructure

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, it became abundantly clear to Congresswoman Trahan and many other Americans that our health system was falling short. While the pandemic did not cause these deficiencies, it held a magnifying glass to them and made clear the necessity of action. Congresswoman Trahan co-founded the Pandemic Preparedness Caucus in order to combat the crisis. Congresswoman Trahan also introduced the Medical and Health Stockpile Accountability Act of 2022 which aims to strengthen the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) in case of another national emergency. She was a supporter of the introduction of the LIFT America Act, which contains legislation that she introduced to modernize our public health system and ensuring its sustainability in the future. For example, it expands broadband, makes internet more affordable, and develops upgraded 911 infrastructure. Her amendment improves infrastructure in local care facilities and offers funding and support to teaching health centers like Greater Lawrence Family Health Center (GLFHC).


Nature Maintenance/Green Infrastructure

Congresswoman Trahan was a proud supporter of the Great American Outdoors Act which funds upkeep and maintenance projects on federal lands, such as national parks. She also introduced the Stop Sewage Overflow Act which expands the EPA’s grant program with respect to sewage and awards federal grants for planning, design, and construction of combined sewer overflows, sanitary sewer overflows, or stormwater management. 


Fighting for Infrastructure in Third District

Since Congresswoman Trahan was elected, she has fought for infrastructure improvements in MA-3. In July of 2022, the House approved $13.5 million worth of infrastructure projects she had requested funding for. Among the approved projects are $3 million to assist in the renovation of Cawley Stadium in Lowell, $2 million to fund the Fitchburg Theater Block development project, $2 million for development in Lawrence’s East Island neighborhood, and millions more for a variety of other projects in Dracut, Acton, Haverhill and other towns and cities across the district. Click here for a list of additional projects Congresswoman Trahan has requested funding for.