Know Your Reproductive Rights

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, many Republican-controlled states have passed extreme abortion bans, jeopardizing access to lifesaving reproductive care for millions of women. Here in Massachusetts, state leaders have safeguarded abortion rights and access, including as recently as April 2023 when Governor Healey announced measures to protect medication abortion access regardless of any future ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court. In Massachusetts, abortion and contraception are safe, legal, and accessible.

As we face an unprecedented reproductive health care crisis nationwide, I want you to know that I wholeheartedly support women’s freedom to make their own health decisions. Please review the resources below for information on your reproductive rights as a Massachusetts resident and the work I’m doing in Congress to protect our access to abortion, contraception, and fertility treatments.

Know Your Rights & Access Care

On a national, state, and local level, you have rights, and you have options for comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion care. Do you have questions about those rights and options? See the relevant resources below.

Federal: Biden Administration

National Rights & Resources

Department of Health and Human Services Reproductive Rights Resource Website HERE

Department of Justice Reproductive Rights Task Force Information HERE

Department of Education Title IX Fact Sheet HERE

Department of Defense

  • Military Health System

    • Reproductive Health Care Resources HERE

    • Reproductive Health Q&A HERE

  • Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness

Updated Reproductive Care Policies HERE

Department of Veterans Affairs Reproductive Health Information HERE

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Pregnancy Discrimination Information HERE

Department of Homeland Security

  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement

  • Medical Care Standards

  • Medical Care Standards HERE

Reproductive Health Care Coverage

Department of Health and Human Services

  • Office of Secretary Xavier Becerra

    • HHS, Labor & Treasury Joint Guidance on Birth Control Coverage HERE

  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    • Revised Emergency Abortion Coverage Policies HERE 

    • Medicare Abortion Coverage Policies HERE

Department of Defense

  • Defense Health Agency 

    • TRICARE Reproductive Health Coverage Policies HERE

Health Insurance Marketplace 

  • Abortion Information HERE

  • Birth Control Information HERE

Department of Labor

  • Employer-Based Health Benefits ‘Ask EBSA’ Hotline Information HERE

Family Planning Resources

Department of Health and Human Services 

  • Office of Population Affairs 

    • Adolescent Health & Family Planning Resources HERE

    • Title X Program

      • 2021 Updated Rule HERE

      • Clinic Finder HERE

      • Resources for Grantees HERE

State: Massachusetts Statewide Agencies

Reproductive health care, including abortion care, is a covered benefit in Massachusetts. See MassHealth reproductive health care coverage information HERE or apply for MassHealth coverage HERE. MassHealth Connector offers assistance for those seeking coverage by creating customized plan comparisons, hosting educational sessions, and offering individual customer support. Get started with MassHealth Connector HERE

State of Massachusetts 

  • Official Abortion Access Guide HERE 

  • Current Abortion Law Information HERE

  • Official Contraception Access Guide HERE

  • Current Contraception Law Information HERE

MA Department of Public Health 

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Program Information HERE

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Service Locations HERE

  • Family Planning Programs Information HERE

  • Emergency Contraception Information

  • Doula Initiative Information HERE

MA Office of the Attorney General

  • Reproductive Justice Unit Information HERE

  • Abortion Legal Hotline Information HERE 

  • Health Care Rights Information for Immigrants HERE

MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 

  • Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Learning Standards HERE

MA Secretary of the Commonwealth Address Confidentiality Program Information HERE

UMass Reproductive Health Care Services

  • UMass Lowell Information HERE

  • UMass Amherst Information HERE

  • UMass Boston Information HERE

  • UMass Dartmouth Information HERE

UMass Memorial Health System Complex Family Planning Resources HERE

Massachusetts Abortion Funds

  • The Jane Fund Information HERE

  • Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund Information HERE

  • Tides for Reproductive Freedom Information HERE

  • The Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts Information HERE


Local: Third District Clinics & Resources


  • Health Quarters

    • Haverhill Information HERE

    • Lawrence Information HERE

  • Merrimack Valley Women’s Health Services Information HERE

  • Planned Parenthood

    • Marlborough Information HERE

    • Worcester Information HERE

Family Planning Resources

  • Pregnancy Care Center Information HERE

    • Haverhill

    • Lawrence 

    • Lowell

Still Need Help?

My team is here to help you with any questions and connect you with the experts who can get you the assistance you need. For assistance with federal agencies and for local Massachusetts resources, contact my Lowell office at: (978) 459-0101. To leave a policy comment or for a questions about federal legislation, contact my Washington D.C. office at: (202) 225-3411. 

What I Am Doing:

Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus

  • Since I was first elected to Congress, I have been a proud Member of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus (PCC)—a group of over 150 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives committed to advancing reproductive rights, freedom, and justice. From advancing key legislation to amplifying the voices of those in MA-03 and around the country demanding action, I consistently stand with my PCC colleagues as we fight for women’s reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy. You can learn more about PCC here


  • Whether Democrats are in the majority or minority, I’m constantly working to advance bills that safeguard our reproductive rights and access to care, and protect women's reproductive and health data. Read more about those initiatives here.

Abortion Rights

  • The right to abortion is a fundamental right—one that must be safeguarded in federal law. That is why I am a proud original cosponsor of the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify the protections of Roe v. Wade and enshrine the national right to abortion into law. I was also proud to sign the Pro-Choice Caucus’ discharge petition, which is only seven signatures from forcing a vote on the House Floor on this critical bill, even over GOP leadership objections. I also introduced the INFO for Reproductive Care Act, which would ensure women know what their state’s laws mean for their reproductive health by creating a coordinated national public awareness campaign to inform patients health care providers.  

Contraception Rights

  • You, and only you, have the right to decide whether, how, and when you become a parent. Every person deserves that right—and deserves to have their choice of the birth control method that works best for them free from political interference. As extreme GOP attacks on contraception are already taking place across the nation, I am proud to stand with 9 in 10 Americans and support the bipartisan Right to Contraception Act. This bill would enshrine the right to contraception into federal law and protect all people who use it from attempts to restrict access to birth control.

Access to Abortion

  • In addition to protecting the right to abortion, true reproductive freedom means every person has access to the health care they need regardless of income, insurance, or zip code. This requires decisive action to abolish harmful and discriminatory restrictions, such as the Hyde Amendment—a policy blocking abortion care coverage for all those who rely on federal government-sponsored or subsidized health insurance. This predominantly impacts poor women and women of color. While the Republican party continues to support and defend the harmful Hyde Amendment, House Democrats have been fighting to eliminate it once and for all. That’s why I am proud to be an original cosponsor of the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH) Act, to help ensure everybody can access the full spectrum of health care, including abortion care, regardless of their income or the source of their insurance. 
  • I also joined multiple amicus briefs to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court to protect access to the safe, effective abortion medication mifepristone. 

Data Privacy

  • Your reproductive health care choices are nobody’s business but yours and your health care provider’s—and that information should never be publicized against your will or weaponized. We need to protect personal reproductive health data, including about abortion, which is why I am proud to support the My Body, My Data Act to create a new national standard for protecting the privacy of personal reproductive and sexual health information. Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, I also led a congressional request to protect women’s reproductive and health data by calling for transparency from powerful data brokers on their handling of women’s reproductive health data.