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Trahan Announces $7.8 Million for Local Affordable Housing, Community Development, Homeless Assistance Programs

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congresswoman Lori Trahan (MA-03) announced $7,872,580 in federal funding for affordable housing, community development, and homeless assistance programs in Lowell, Lawrence, Fitchburg, and Haverhill. The funding is being awarded through a number of federal programs administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

“Communities like Lowell, Lawrence, Fitchburg, and Haverhill are doing remarkable work to create more affordable housing, boost their economies, and support those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. This federal investment is a testament to those efforts, and our gateway cities will be able to use these funds to expand the impact of their programs,” said Congresswoman Trahan. “Federal investments like this areonly possible when we have strong collaboration across the local, state, and federal levels of government. I’m committed to our continued work with community leaders to make sure we get the federal funding necessary to make our district a better, more affordable place to call home.”

“A coordinated whole-of-community approach is crucial to build strong and resilient communities, invest in decent housing, create healthy environments, expand economic opportunities accessible to low-income households, and support aspiring homebuyers and those experiencing homelessness,” said Acting HUD Secretary Adrianne Todman. “The funding made available today serves as building blocks to empower communities to take ownership of community development investments and put the needs of residents first.”

Communities receiving funding include:

  • Lowell: $3,123,979
  • Lawrence: $2,451,008
  • Fitchburg: $1,349,618
  • Haverhill: $947,975

“This funding is a testament to the power of collaboration between local and federal entities,” said Lowell Mayor Dan Rourke. “These funds will go a long way in supporting our ongoing efforts to provide affordable housing, foster community development, and assist those experiencing homelessness in Lowell. We thank Congresswoman Lori Trahan and HUD for their commitment to Lowell and other communities in our region.”

“The federal funding announced today is a significant investment in the well-being of our community,” said Lowell City Manager Tom Golden. “This support, made possible through the advocacy of Congresswoman Trahan, highlights the power of collaboration in addressing our city’s most pressing needs. We are thankful for this investment and remain committed to driving positive change for all of our residents.”

“Affordable housing and community development programs are instrumental in fostering the growth of communities and igniting hope. Homeless assistance programs provide vital support towards achieving stability and self-sufficiency. Together, let us work towards transforming lives, one home at a time. Thank you Congresswoman Lori Trahan for all your support,” said Lawrence Mayor DePeña.

“The Community Development Block Grant and HOME Programs are both critical funding sources for the City of Fitchburg to support community improvements beyond basic municipal services,” said Fitchburg Mayor Sam Squailia. “These invaluable resources will help the City support important initiatives including furthering affordable housing, improving housing quality, parks and playground improvements, small business assistance, youth services, energy assistance, and homelessness services.”

“The City of Haverhill is grateful for the federal funding we receive every year from CDBG to support community development programs and activities in the city, including the CDBG Public Service Grants program that provides funding to Haverhill nonprofits that provide public services to the community, the Housing Rehabilitation and Code Correction program, the First Time Homebuyers program, and public improvements in CDBG target areas. This money is transformative for low-moderate income persons and neighborhoods in the city,” said Haverhill Mayor Melinda Barrett.

The HUD programs providing funding to communities include the Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) program, which provides funding communities to create affordable housing and invest in critical local projects, the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), which provides funding to local governments to produce affordable housing for low-income families, and the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) program, which provides funds for programs that offer services to individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness.