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Trahan, Haverhill Leaders Highlight Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Assistance for Bridges, Water Infrastructure

LOWELL, MA – Today, Congresswoman Lori Trahan (MA-03) joined with Haverhill leaders and community partners to highlight the historic investments in bridges and water infrastructure from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The group discussed the myriad ways the package will support infrastructure priorities in Haverhill and across the Third District. The group then toured Basiliere Bridge, discussing the ways the infrastructure package will support ongoing efforts to replace the bridge and stop combined sewage overflows (CSOs) that plague the Merrimack River flowing beneath it.

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is so transformative for our Commonwealth because it takes bold action to tackle the issues our working families consistently face,” said Congresswoman Trahan. “Crumbling bridges and harmful CSOs plague Bay Staters everywhere, but especially families that live along the Merrimack River. This historic legislation invests billions in new funding to repair and rebuild bridges like the Basiliere Bridge here in Haverhill, with additional investments to finally upgrade our water infrastructure and stop sewage overflows. I’m proud to have helped deliver these investments, which along with the many more included in the package, will improve the daily lives of every family here in the Third District and across Massachusetts.”

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law invests $110 billion in new funding to repair and rebuild roads, bridges, and other major projects nationwide. Massachusetts is set to receive at least $1.1 billion for bridge replacements and repairs over the next five years. The legislation also invests a total of $55 billion to upgrade community water systems and replace lead service lines. Of that funding, Massachusetts will receive at least $1.1 billion over the next half-decade to improve water infrastructure in communities across the Commonwealth. Communities will also be eligible for additional funding to specifically address combined sewage overflows and dangerous PFAS contaminations.

“I look forward to the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to provide critical funding to improve Haverhill’s roads and sidewalks,” said Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini. “We also hope to use some of this funding to complete our transformative downtown Merrimack Street redevelopment project and we thank Congresswoman Trahan for her support of this Legislation and always lobbying for Haverhill.”

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is a major advancement that will facilitate the improvement and ongoing maintenance of the transportation network here in the Merrimack Valley,” said Merrimack Valley Planning Commission Transportation Planner Tony Komornick. “The additional funding to repair and rebuild bridges in the Commonwealth will provide the opportunity to accelerate spending on three major bridge projects in the MVMPO region, which are the rehabilitation of the bridge that carries I-495 over the MBTA tracks and Route 28 in Andover, the replacement of the I-495 bridge over the Merrimack River between Methuen and Haverhill, and the replacement of the Basiliere Bridge in downtown Haverhill. In doing so, work can more quickly begin on improving other bridges that are in desperate need of attention. Additional funding for roadways, transit, and other modes of travel will allow MassDOT, MVRTA and our communities to initiate, design and build roadway and intersection, bicycle/pedestrian, and transit projects and services that would otherwise have waited years to complete, or worse, may never have been initiated.”

Trahan was joined by Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini, State Representative Andy Vargas, State Representative Linda Dean Campbell, State Representative Christina Minicucci, members of the Haverhill City Council, Haverhill Community Development Division Director Andrew Herlihy, Merrimack Valley Planning Commission Transportation Planner Tony Komornick, and UMass Lowell Innovation Initiatives Senior Director & Innovation Hub Director Tom O'Donnell.

“Now more than ever, our communities need comprehensive infrastructure upgrades that improve our roads and bridges, address the ongoing problem of combined sewer overflows, and create solid job opportunities in the process,” said State Senator Diana DiZoglio. “Thank you to Congresswoman Trahan for her leadership in securing this important federal funding, which will go a long way to supporting our ongoing work in the State Legislature on behalf of the Merrimack Valley, including the City of Haverhill.”

Trahan supported passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in November, sending it to President Joe Biden’s desk where he signed it into law. A preliminary breakdown of funding Massachusetts will receive for a number of initiatives can be accessed by clicking HERE.

“This infrastructure law will address key projects in Haverhill, including long overdue improvements to the Basiliere Bridge and the CSOs affecting the Merrimack River,” said State Representative Andy Vargas. “These projects impact the daily lives and safety of all members of our community. The passage of this bill will allow us not only to address repairs that are long overdue, but to make investments in improving the safety and sustainability of our community for the long term. I’m grateful for Congresswoman Trahan’s work on this legislation and for prioritizing Haverhill in the Infrastructure bill.”

“In the Merrimack Valley, our state-federal partnerships are truly second to none and continue to deliver for our communities,” said Representative Linda Dean Campbell. “Thanks to these partnerships, federal infrastructure funding will be put to good use to address our areas of most immediate need. I am especially grateful to Congresswoman Trahan for our collaboration to reduce combined sewer overflows – this funding will provide the resources we need to make a real impact on this issue.”

“Congresswoman Trahan has been an incredible legislative partner, remaining laser focused on ensuring the concerns of the communities of the Merrimack Valley were reflected in the federal infrastructure bill,” said State Representative Christina Minicucci. “This infusion of federal dollars will allow our communities to address long deferred maintenance of our bridges and wastewater treatment infrastructure to improve the health and safety of our residents.”

Since being elected to Congress, Trahan has been a strong advocate for funding to support and strengthen water infrastructure across the Third District. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act contains $1.4 billion to prevent sewage overflows, just shy of the amount she proposed in her Stop Sewage Overflows Act. Additionally, the House took up and passed the Build Back Better Act, which builds on that progress by including another $500 million to address CSOs and language to target much of that funding to financially distressed communities like those along the Merrimack River. As a proponent of the PFAS Action Act, the inclusion of $10 billion to specifically address the threat of PFAS contaminations was also a key component of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for Trahan.