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Congresswoman Lori Trahan Announces $300,000 in Federal Grant Funding for UMass Lowell

Washington, July 5, 2019

Lowell, MA – Today, Congresswoman Lori Trahan (D-MA-03) announced two National Science Foundation (NSF) awards totaling $300,000 made to the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The first award has an intended total amount of $50,000.00, and supports a project entitled "I-Corps: Detecting Cancer in Single Cells," and started Jul. 01, 2019. The second award has an intended total amount of $249,997.00, and supports a project entitled "PFI-TT: Prototype Development of Portable Rechargeable Solar Batteries." This award starts August 01, 2019.


“I am thrilled that UMass Lowell will be receiving these federal National Science Foundation awards to support their cutting edge innovation and research. The University continues to lead the pack when it comes to cultivating the next wave of scientific and medical advances that will shape our communities here in Lowell and beyond in everything from curing cancer, to building a greener, more efficient energy grid. I am proud of all those involved in securing this important funding, and will continue to support federal agencies and programs like the NSF that make these critical investments possible,” said Rep. Trahan.




The National Science Foundation (NSF) supports research, innovation, and discovery that provides the foundation for economic growth in this country. By advancing the frontiers of science and engineering, our nation can develop the knowledge and cutting-edge technologies needed to address the challenges we face today and will face in the future.

The abstract and other information regarding this award will soon be publicly available via the NSF Award Abstracts database at .